Meat Hunt


Meat Hunt

In late July we again hosted the guys from Paarl in the Western Cape province.

Hunting Day 1:

They were all very excited and we got going the minute they arrived with a few nice old blesbuck females.

Hunting Day 2:

Next day we were off to the mountain properties where we again got lucky and managed to bag a couple of nice old kudu bulls.

Kudu Bull

Kudu Bull

Hunting Day 3-4:

The weather turned for the worse and we were forced to hunt around the lodge for the next two days where the guys were able to harvest some Springbuck.

Our butchery staff were busy for the next 6 days working and packaging the meat of 3 Kudu bulls, 12 Springbuck and 5 Blesbuck which would then be transported to our very happy clients and friends from Paarl.

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