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My first African Safari was amazing. I really felt welcomed by the outfitter Johnny and his family, and the crew is very professional and friendly.

My experience was very exciting and the hunts full of adrenaline. I will definitely book again with Hunt African Safaris.

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Clemente Italy

We have stayed with Hunt African Safaris for 8 days across 2 estates.

The hunting experience was fantastic, the PHs were very professional and the tracking was really both exciting and challenging. Hunting with Hunt African Safaris is not the typical experience you might get in certain farms. Animals are not as easy as you would think and there is quite a bit of walking/stalking to do, which is exactly what we wanted.

The estates we visited were very different but very beautiful: with mountains, valleys and cliffs where animals can be spotted from quite long distances and are very challenging to approach. All of our group however shot their complete package and some of us even got more. The bush was not very thick at the time we were there (we went in June) but allowed us to hide well.

Food at the estates has been very good, especially eating your own African game is quite an experience to have.

The owners are very welcoming and very nice people to talk to during the day and in the evenings around the fireplace, as well as all the trackers (which are extremely experienced by the way). This is one of the most important things, they want you to have the best experience you can get not only from a hunting point of view, but also from a personal one.

The only advice I would give to improve the experience to future hunters is to shoot with slightly larger calibres than .270, .308 or 30-06.

Overall, an experience I would definitely recommend!

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Italy Florence

I have just returned from my second hunt with Johnny & Jacqui at Hunt African Safaris on their Aberdeen farm, in the Eastern Cape. On both occasions they and all their staff went out of their way to ensure that everyone in the group was looked after like high-rollers.

Our hunt group was diverse in terms of their experience, skills and what they wanted to get out of the 4 day trip. Johnny & Jacqui have a unique skill in that they carefully watch and determine what individual guests expectations are and then set out to do everything within their ability to satisfy those needs.

The accommodation and meals were great, leaning towards the luxurious side - with some amazing catered farm style food, but they also offered us the flexibility to do our own cooking around the fire when we wanted to. Boys on tour do like to braai... The food out in the field was well thought through and delicious.

Our hunting team - Johnny, Gorra (PH), the beaters and trackers were a pleasure to work with. No matter one's skill or experience they know just how much to help and when to blend into the background. I felt that they were all genuinely invested in the moment and when I got my first Kudu they celebrated like it was some kind of world record... that's what makes hunting with this crew special.

I also appreciated their attention to general hunting etiquette and strict firearm safety, especially with a larger group of people. They got the balance here just right.

I guess that sums up both my experiences hunting with Johnny. They have an excellent product, at an affordable price, while treating you like royalty from the moment you step onto the farm. 

Last year we took the option for our meat to be worked onsite and delivered to the Cape, which turned out to be a great idea. It was a no-brainer to do the same again this year - my family is looking forward to our delivery. That always makes it easier to talk about next season's booking!

Rich Henn - South Africa

When I first dropped the same info-request email to several hunting agencies across southern African countries, despite it was late at night, Hunt African Safaris replied within minutes, and kept doing so till I booked with them. 

Being the first hunting trip of my life I had innumerable questions regarding the hunt itself, the animals, the process of the trophies, transportation and so on. The outfitter, Johnny, has always been very kind and patient, taking me through all my questions and doubts. 

One of the things that definitely convinced me to book my first hunt with Hunt African Safaris is the fact that I spoke only to Johnny from beginning to end, he came pick me up at the airport, stalked and harvested my first animal with me, and dropped me back to the airport at the end of the trip. 

I really felt taken through something I didn't know anything about and that happened in such a professional and welcoming way. Johnny and his wife Jakie, helped my friends and I to plan the entire trip when some covid restrictions were still in place, but eventually we made it happend and the trip went so smoothly.

The hunt was a total success, my friends and I managed to hunt more than planned as some other opportunities popped up while hunting. Properties are beautiful and rich of animals, and sceneries and landscapes are truly breathtaking. For game lovers, I can guarantee that all the meat is rapidly processed and served for dinner. I tried many different species (even my own catches) for the first time and they are all delicious and beautifully cooked.

We were super happy of our first hunt and already planning our next adventure for next year with our good friend Johnny with Hunt African Safaris.

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Italy, Florence

I highly recommend Hunt African Safaris. As everyone knows COVID has created many challenges and Johnny was nothing but cooperative about the ever changing restrictions. We had to move our date three times and it was never a problem.

Once we finally arrived in South Africa it was like a dream come true. I wanted a trip that my son and I could do together to celebrate his graduation from high school. My son and I had a trip that will be full of life long memories for both of us to share.

Johnny and his crew exceeded all of our expectations. We even got him on a boat to go shark diving.

I can't speak higher of how Johnny and his wife made sure that this trip with my son was one to last a lifetime. I can't wait to come back and bring the rest of my family.

View photos from Jarrod's African Safari here

Jarrod Willems - Billings, MT USA

Always a pleasure hunting with these guys beautiful country excellent facilities and you can be be sure they will do their very best to give you great opportunities to hunt quality trophies.

Sean Riley - South Africa

I wanted to take this opportunity to to say thank you very much for an outstanding first hunting trip to your farm. It was my first time hunting in the Aberdeen area, and it did not disappoint at all.

I was fortunate enough to be invited as part of our group and had heard great things from friends that have been coming to your farm of the last few years. From the moment I arrived, both Jacqui and yourself gave us a warm welcome and made us feel very welcome. The lodge facilities were excellent and it fantastic to have such comfortable amenities to come back to after being out all day in the veld.

Your support team assisting with transport to and from the hunting camps, assisting with the equipment were excellent, some of the best i have come across in all the years I have been hunting. The game in the different camps were great with lots of decent sized Springbok. I was also delighted to have shot my first Copper Springbok. What an experience. Hopefully next time I'll get a Kudu.

Lastly, and certainly not least, the cuts of meat, droewors, boerewors etc., that you and your team were able prepare from the hunt was fantastic and of the highest quality.

I'm looking forward to our next visit to Liliefontein for our hunt at the end of July.

Andrew de Pao - South Africa

I have been hunting with the owners (Johnie and Jackie Marais) of the above franchise on an annual basis for the last 20 years, and it has always been one of the highlights of my hunting calendar and I keep on going back.

Most of the hunting consist of “voorle” hunting for kudu and springbok, but “walk and stalk” can also be done. Johnie also stocks other game on the farm like gemsbok, impala etc.

The farmlands are beautiful, well-kept and ranges from planes to mountainous areas, easily accessible with their Landcruiser 4x4's.

Jackie oversees the catering in the spacious house that you stay in and you get spoiled with her and the staff’s real South African cuisine. You do not go hungry!

So, all and all a fantastic, safe place to hunt at and a great experience!

PK de Villiers - South Africa

I have been on 4 or 5 hunting trips to Tierberg with Hunt African Safaris (Johnny / Gora and Jackie and crew), and I have left very time looking forward to the next.

Johnny, Gora and Jackie are natural hosts - extremely servant hearted in their approach where supplies of energy are endless. The weather is never too bad, never too early or too late and I have never seen Johnny even remotely tired of the day. And if you have not managed to shoot what you wanted Johnny will only stop once you are done.

Johnny is a natural leader and a skilled PH, he figures out a group super quick, assigns roles that work to ensure a safe hunt that delivers what each person in the group is looking for.

Hunting is about the experience, time in the bush, appreciation of what we have and the process. This is Johnny’s natural ethos and culture. And lastly, Jackies cooking - it is 5 star wholesome food that surprises each time.

I would recommend Johnny and crew every time. You will leave there a slightly better human. Enjoy.

Mark Willimott - South Africa

I was invited for the first time by a group of men to go hunting on this farm in 2019.

The hunters lodge and facilities were very well equipped. The lodge is very comfortable and allowed quite a lot of socialising with the fellow hunters. The braai/BBQ outside and the atmosphere the lodge brings, allows for a great experience. The memories one makes around these fires and the Karoo air and openness is unmatched.

The hunting is also well organized and very professional. Johnny is strict on safety and one always feels safe and comfortable. Plans are set for the day and discussed around the fire the night before. When the hunt starts in the morning the plans are discussed and off the team goes for the hunt.

There are many species to choose from and available. I have never left the farm without a shot or meat. I have had a desire for an Blesbuck on my 2nd hunt and Johnny made sure myself and my brother was able to shoot two nice ones. Apart from this we have shot nice Kudu and Springbuck. Always remember when a Jackal passes you by, you are allowed to shoot him. Don’t miss!

Johnny has been a great host and are very professional. He keeps the interest of the hunters at heart and one can see he enjoys the time with the hunters.

I have been back on the farm in 2020 and plan on 2 x trips in 2021.

I highly recommend the farm either for local or International hunters and trust anyone visiting them will have an unbelievable experience.

Deon Terblanche - South Africa
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