Freddy and Lisa had a hunt to remember


Freddy and Lisa had a hunt to remember

During early June the Garbers came to Africa for a safari and an add-on costal trip via our beautiful Garden Route coastline.

The itinerary for the safari was actually all put together by Lisa, who really didn’t leave a stone unturned as it would be a celebration of Freddy’s 60th birthday and we all wanted it to be something special for both of them.


After a quick stop at the range to get accustomed to the rifles they would be using we quickly got the safari off to a start with a Warthog on the first day, followed by a Gemsbuck for Freddy on day two as well as another hog for Lisa as we closed off the day with a good Blesbuck for Fred!

That evening we celebrated Freddy’s birthday with a tasty cake made by Jax and a miniature shadowbox skull display for Fred.

The next few days were spent hunting Blue Wildebeest, Impala, Springbuck and a very nice Burchells Zebra for Lisa and we ended off the hunting with a good Kudu bull and another Blesbuck and Black Wildebeest for Fred.


Some really good, long range shooting was enjoyed as well as some tense moments, which are always made more tense by myself (you will learn that I never waste a good crisis) but this all just adds to the excitement and good fellowship around the camp fire in the evenings!! Yes, there is ALWAYS something to laugh about. Even if it is rehearsing the words to the song ‘’ toms diner’’, which for some reason was stuck in all our heads for the entire duration of the safari!!

Now they would spend the next few days traveling the coastline back to Cape Town for their return trip back to the USA.

We had a magnificent time together and are looking forward to their return trip in 2025!

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