2023 Season Review


2023 Season Review

Wayne hunts Africa

Wayne joined us in mid-April for a 7-day safari where we hunted numerous plains game antelope.

We spent the first 3 days of safari at Lukhanyo, where we were truly spoilt by Jon Parker and his wonderful staff. Wayne managed to bag a good looking Zebra stallion on his first morning and followed it up with an SCI Gold medal Impala.

Some really straight shooting and excellent stalking tactics resulted in us getting everything from Blesbuck to Blue Wildebeest and a really good Kudu bull late on the last day.

We even took another beautiful Impala on our way back to camp before Wayne had to say his good byes and we were off to drop him for his return trip back to the USA.

Wayne will be back with us in May of 2025 and we are already planning for this next epic adventure.

Eddy gets his buffalo

Eddy and Stephanie joined us in late April for his return trip to see if he could get onto that elusive Buffalo which he was so excited about during August of 2022. Poor weather and really bad luck were the order of the day and we just didn’t connect.

This time round was very different though as we managed to get onto a large group of females late on day two and knowing where and how they were moving we quickly put a plan together to try get onto this group as we were sure that there would be a good bull amongst the group of 50+ animals.

By day 4 we had their movements taped and late in the afternoon we got onto them, grazing away from us at about 60 yards. When the bull showed himself Eddy made no mistake and took him with one well-placed shot from the .375.

We spent the rest of our time hunting cull animals for his hotel back in Belgium and have no doubt that the Buffalo will have its own special place in the African Room in Brussells.

Eddy is already planning his next trip for 2024 and we look forward to having him and Steph with us again.

The Rice boys get a taste of Africa

Beginning of June marked the start of a really busy run for us and was kicked off with a 10-day visit with the Rice family the USA.

Being a family trip we were super excited at the prospect of hosting this hunting orientated family and we quickly realized that the boys could all shoot really straight with 3 animals by the end of day 1!

We spent our days hunting and chatting and the nights around the camp fire listening to stories of yesteryear and reminiscing the day's hunts as they unfolded.

We hunted everything from Wildebeest to Impala from magnificent Kudu to Oryx and Lechwe. The boys truly had the time of their lives and we look forward to many more adventures together in the future!

The Dowhan Family in late June

As the weather started setting in the Dowhan family from Alabama joined us for a quick 4-day safari before carrying on with their African adventure.

On the first day both Henry and Lisa managed nice trophies, an impala foe Henry and an old white blesbuck for Henry.

The kids luck didn’t run out and by the end of their short trip they managed to bag an impressive 7 trophies between them, with the most magnificent surely being Henry’s stud Sable bull!

It was a quick whistle blown stop but we had an absolute blast with the girls even getting to experience the Grahamstown Arts Festival!

The boys from Florida had a blast!

In the beginning of July, we were joined by TJ, Lyle, Lee, Wyatt, Paula and uncle Phil for a 5-day trip that would include a lot of hunting!

Day 1 started off with an absolute bang when Lee managed to get a magnificent Sable bull late in the afternoon, which was directly followed by a Sable for TJ n the same day.

Lee had a super day 2 with less than 4 trophies for his trip! Uncle Phil managed to bag a beautiful Impala ram and Wyatt got a nice Lechwe bull.

The highlight of the trip was surely Lee’s monster Cape Buffalo which stretched the tape beyond 45 inches, an old warrior and a fitting end to a highly successful safari.

TJ stayed on with us for a few more days and during this time he managed a good Zebra stallion, Nyala bull and a good Cape Buffalo of his own late on his last afternoon. We even had time to go do some deep sea fishing with some good eating fish for the kitchen and the staff loved the experience as it was their first time out to sea!

TJ will be joining us again during June of 2024 for a Hippo, Golden Wildebeest and even possibly another Cape Buffalo, who knows!

The Jordans and James had an amazing safari in mid-July

We were fortunate enough to host the Jordan family from Montana and James from Texas during July and what an amazing trip!

We had a great start on day 1 with two monster Eland bulls in the salt for Robert, the girls each got fantastic Impalas and James started off well with a good Waterbuck.

Day two was even better and Robert connected with an old Cape Buffalo late in the afternoon and with all his girls looking on made two telling shots and the rest as they say is history.

Teresa got her Giraffe on day 4 as well as a good Zebra stallion with the girls getting a Wildebeest, Blesbuck and some Warthogs during the next few days.

James was having thetime of his life with Kudu, Nyala, Impala and a nice old Sable bull.

Late on his last day James also managed to bag a stud of a Golden Wildebeest and ancient Warthog to round off a very successful trip!

The Jordan family stayed on for another few days and hunted some cull animals, did some sightseeing and managed to connect with a big old male Baboon towards the end of their safari. All in all, they got 30 animals during the 14 days that they spent with us and most importantly a lifelong friendship was forged.

John & Calene Hamblin joined us during late July

We welcomed John & Calene during the last week of July and what a great time we had with them!

From hunting Kudu, Waterbuck and Impala to a great old Wildebeest bull and ancient Oryx female this safari truly had it all. We went fishing, hiking and sightseeing and even got to show them the bushmen paintings in the caves below camp.

It was a quick trip with loads of laughter and we really look forward to seeing you both very soon.

Chris Bigec see's the sights

We had the privilege of meeting this quiet unassuming gentleman during the first week of August and really had a great time with Chris, especially the fact that he was a magnificent marksman!

From Blesbuck at 350meters to Kudu bulls at 410 meters, he just couldn’t put a foot wrong and by the end of his stay with us had bagged no less than 10 trophies all of which were shot at very long distances. The highlight of his trip had to be the magnificent shot he put into the Oryx across the valley on day 3. It was a very well calculated shot which we dialed in perfectly with the Swarovski optics and clamped into the bog pod deathgrip (I really can’t talk more highly about this shooting platform).

We had good conversations and I believe that Chris enjoyed the tranquility and silence of the African bush. He really managed to relax and take in all that Africa has to offer.

The Italians came and had a safari for the books

During mid-August we hosted Michele and his group of friends from the wine region of Italy and we had an amazing time once again. Two years ago they came and had such a successful trip that they decided to do it all again, this time with some other new friends.

We hunted, ate, drank loads of wine in the evenings and got to immerse ourselves in the Italian culture for a full week!

The boys hunted Kudu, Oryx, Blue Wildebeest, Zebra, Nyala, Waterbuck, Impala, Blesbuck, Warthog, Black Wildebeest and Springbuck all while having a good laugh and making memories that surly will last forever!

During the last week of August we welcomed the firefighters

The team from Utah came during the last week of August and we had a blast!

Getting some nice Kudu bulls late season is no mean feat and the boys definitely proved to us all that it can be done. We actually saw a lot of good trophy animals which gives us high hopes going into our 2024 season!

With early spring rains in the air we took full advantage of the good weather spells and the boys shots were straight and true.

We managed to get 15 good trophies during their time with us from Kudu, to Oryx, Blesbuck and Iimpala to some good looking hogs to finish off the trip.

It is always a pleasure hunting with such humble and soft spoken guys and really enjoyed our time together! All the staff in camp had a memorable time with them and we are looking forward to many more safaris together in the future!

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